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About us

CIS seeks to give students an international education that promotes the students to become life-long learners, with a caring attitude, and a respectful approach to different cultures and beliefs.

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Our vision

CIS wants to provide the students with a positive work environment that includes an atmosphere of cooperation and a mutual respect for other individuals’ values and ideas.

CIS believes that by providing our students with a unique opportunity and foundation to develop a knowledge and appreciation of music and the arts we can guide our students to become responsible, respectful, and open-minded citizens within a global community.

CIS believes in preparing students for future innovations by upholding digital technology as a main component of their learning experience. CIS students are responsible digital citizens equipped for the modern digital age.

Our values

Care – respect for other people’s ideas and values is fundamental for everything we do.

Cooperation – working together for the common good of our community and the world

Change (Learning) – making meaningful change in our students through deep learning experiences, enabling them to make a difference in the world.

Our goal

Our vision and values are a platform on which we build our school community. Our goal is to give our students the best learning environment we are capable of. We do this through the things we believe in; inquiry based focused and student centred learning, an extended Arts programme with music, dance and drama, and a technology programme giving students the most modern tools to help them in their learning.