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CIS is a school that places great emphasis on both theoretical and aesthetic subjects. Students will have lessons on an instrument, playing in the school orchestra, participate in choir, dance and drama.

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Music, dance and drama

CIS is a school for children from 6 to 16 years old, in which students are taught by Norwegian and English language teachers by the IB’s educational principles, with a strong emphasis on music, dance and drama. Students will have lessons on an instrument, play in the school orchestra, and participate in choir, dance, and drama.

The positive impact of music and arts

We believe that students will benefit greatly from working with music and arts along with the theoretical subjects. The extended music classes, is in addition to the approved number of hours in theoretical subjects. We have experience from the past on how much joy and sense of achievement music can provide a student, and how working with music, dance, and drama gives students an advantage in working with language, mathematics, and other academic subjects.


«The arts, especially music, has a small space in the Norwegian school today, even less when compared to many countries. Arts are not just about the skills students should display, but also an important basis for the general development of young people. The inherent values in the interaction with adults, that each student receives during instrumental training, is a great benefit. Targeted and systematic work with music is of great importance in a number of areas. In general, it is a known fact, that many students that are working seriously with music also do well in other subjects.»

– Alf Richard Kraggerud, Head of Young Talents at Barratt Due’s Music Institute in Oslo