Privacy Policy

Based on Datatilsynets privacy policy, 12.03.2018.

This privacy policy explains how Children’s International School (CIS) collects and uses personal information on our website. For the school’s students and staff it also applies for our academic administrative tools. We have specific privacy policies for sensitive data.

CIS, by the Administration Manager, is responsible for the company’s data protection and processing of personal data. Where the daily responsibility is delegated, it is stated under each regulation. The delegation includes only the tasks and not the responsibility. This statement contains the information you are entitled to when personal data is collected from our site (personopplysningsloven, section 19), and general information about how we process personal data (personopplysningsloven, section 18 1. paragraph).

Processing of personal data on

The Administration Manager has the daily responsibility for CIS’s use of personal information on, unless otherwise is stated below. It is optional for those who visit our Web pages to provide personal information in connection with the services, such as to receive email newsletters. Consent is the basis of the individual data treatment, unless otherwise is specified.

Fredrikstad Webdesign is responsible for the development and operation of CIS is the data processor and the operating provider for

Information collected in connection with operations of the site, are stored on the CIS’s servers. Only CIS employees have access to the information collected, and access is based on areas that are of relevance for the employee.

Sharing of data with third party vendors

CIS share personal information with other agencies where it is necessary to deliver on the school’s responsibility to the Government and to maintain operations. If we disclose personal information, we enter into agreements with the relevant third parties that prevents their opportunity to use the information for any other purpose.

  • We may share anonymised data, feedback and survey results with third-party vendors, such as other school systems for research purposes.
  • We may share data about students with other third parties, where necessary or required by law, such as: regulatory agencies, State departments, in response to a request from law enforcement or other government officials.
  • We may share the data in the context of organisational restructuring.

If you want to learn more about third party, please contact us using the contact information below.

Web statistics

CIS collects anonymous information about the visitors of The purpose of this is to develop statistics that we use to improve and further develop the information offer on our website. Examples of what the statistics provide answers to are: how many visitors the various pages have, average time on page, which sites users are coming from and which browsers they are using.

The information is processed in an anonymous and aggregated form. Anonymous means we cannot track the information we collect back to the individual user. We collect the IP address, but the IP address is anonymised before it is stored. We use Google Analytics analysis tool on our website in order to collect the statistics.


Cookies are small text files placed on computers when downloading a Web page. Information storage and processing of your information is not allowed unless the user both have been informed and have given their active consent to treatment. The user should know about and approve the information which is processed, what the purpose of the treatment is and who processes the information, cf. ekomloven 2-7b.

Visitors to our website

Your IP address is logged for a short period of time by our Web servers. The user’s IP address, time, URL, HTTP status, bytes sent, and HTTP referer and HTTP user agent is logged in 15 days. Then the log will be deleted automatically.

Functional cookies are used to:
-make sure that the web pages look consistent

Performance Cookies are used to:
-improve the performance of the website by loading pages faster
-improve the user experience

Targeted cookies are used to:
-let you share and like content
-send information to other web sites to customize their advertising

For each page displayed, the following information is stored:

  • which page is displayed
  • date and time
  • which browser is being used
  • an anonymous IP address


This website stores information about what keywords users use on our websites through Google Analytics. The purpose of the storage is to improve our information service. The search usage pattern is stored in aggregated form. Only the keyword is saved and it can not be linked to other information about the users, such as IP addresses.

CIS has anonymous information that is subject to Google’s privacy policy.

You can find information about Google analytics cookies here.

We respect «Do Not Track» settings in the user’s browser (for the X-Do-Not-Track and DNT header). The Do Not Track feature is included in most new versions of browsers. Alternatively, it can be entered by the user himself.

How to manage cookies (

As a user, you can also edit settings for Google Analytics statistics and data sharing.

Data privacy and security

Managing cookies

The following cookies are used on
This is a functional cookie that keeps track of language selection.


Google Analytics generate anonymous visitor statistics.

HTTP cookies set by third party resources on the web pages

Host Name vuid NID _openapply_session, __cfduid S

Third-party vendors


ManageBac is a curriculum and learning platform for the world’s leading international schools. The school’s handling of student and grade information is also available here. On our website you will find ManageBac login on

You can find more information about ManageBac Cookie Policy here


CIS uses OpenApply in our online application process. OpenApply is an online schooling system designed to support international schools in transition from paper and to provide an integrated seamless online recording and enrollment system.

You can find more information about which data OpenApply collects here

Sharing posts in social channels

When you share posts, information is added to the web community you choose. How the particular web community handles the data is governed by your agreement with the community. Information about sharing a post is not stored with us.


CIS offers newsletters by email. In order for us to be able to send email, you must register an email address. Google Mail is a data processor for our newsletters. The email address is stored in a separate database, is not shared with others and when you unsubscribe, transmission will be stopped immediately. The information is deleted on request.

Contact for curriculum information or admission interest

You may request information about CIS by giving us your name and email. Personal information we receive when ordering information is not used for any other purposes than to perform the requested order by email.

If you contact us using a form/e-mail about a school application in advance of the application process, your email or submitted form will be stored in the recipient’s (CIS employee) inbox.
It is not recommended to share sensitive personal information in an email. See separate section below.


CIS uses OpenApply and Google Forms on the website, or linked from the website, which collects personal information. Forms that collect personal data contain a checkbox to consent to processing the information as well as details of the extent of treatment. You can find further information on how to contact the school Data Controller on this page.
Examples of forms are: Questions to school administration, school application forms for Fredrikstad, Moss, Ullensaker or Sarpsborg and request of study information.
Any contact information we receive is not used for purposes other than managing the application or request that the visitor has made.

Online application process

CIS has approved processes for online school admission. You will find this here: All applications are stored centrally on the server of Children’s International School.

Personal information is not stored longer than necessary. Children’s International School is obliged to archive some information for a longer period of time due to accounting or archival reasons (See more under the proceedings and archives). We only collect personal data that are relevant to the application process and try to keep this to a minimum.

In case of requests to access stored information, personal data is disclosed in accordance with the Public Procurement Act (Offentlighetsloven). Information required for the handling of complaints will be handed over to CIS’s complaints body, Østfold Municipality, by the County Governor.

Procedurals and archive

Children’s International School uses ManageBac as an archive and proceeding system with an electronic journal entry and document storage (see more information in the third party provider information section). The Administration Manager holds the daily responsibility for the system and the archive, and that necessary internal procedures have been prepared for this. The respective principals of the different schools manages the case proceedings in accordance with the routines.

Children’s International School processes personal information to fulfill the school’s statutory duties, bound by i.e. the Personal Data Act (personopplysningsloven), Administrative Act (forvaltningsloven), Public Procurement Act (offentlighetsloven) and Archive Act (arkivloven).

Various types of personal data are recorded in the file and case processing system. This is information such as name, address, telephone number, email address (grunndata) and other relevant information as indicated by application or through school attendance. Registration, processing and data storage are in accordance with archives legislation. Case documents may contain sensitive personal information. As part of the case processing, CIS will in some cases acquire information from other schools / agencies on its own initiative and on legal basis (Section 17 of the Public Administration Act (Forvaltningsloven). In case of requests for access, personal information is disclosed in accordance with the Public Administration Act and the Public Administration Act. Information required for the handling of appeals on individual decisions in primary school will be handed to the county governor who is the CIS complaint body.

Data Minimization

CIS relies on the basic requirement of the Directorate of Education (Utdanningsdirektoratet) on data minimization in the processing of personal data in kindergartens and schools, ref. Guidelines from Datatilsynet.

Email and Phone

CIS uses email and telephone as part of the daily work to contact employees, parents/guardians or business partners. The principal at the school where the e-mail or telephone call is received has the daily responsibility for processing personal information in this regard. Relevant information arising from telephone conversations and e-mail exchanges that occur as part of the case processing may be registered. This information is treated as described above (see above «Procedurals and archives»).

CIS employees also use email in daily dialogue with internal and external contacts. Upon resignation, the e-mail accounts are archived to restricted areas on the school’s servers, where relevant e-mail for case documentation can be retrieved by the Administration Manager if required.

Sensitive personal information must not be sent by email.

Please be aware that regular email is unencrypted. Therefore, we do not encourage you to send confidential or sensitive information via email.

Phone calls are not logged. Employees have an overview of the latest calls on their phones. If a phone call is linked to a single case, it will be cited by letter or email in agreement by both parties. There is no other systematic registration of telephone conversations made where the caller can be identified.

Visit in CIS’s premises and participation in an event under our direction

List of visitors

CIS register all visitors to the school in a physical list at the entrance to the school. This list is only used to have an overview of people located in the school building at any time, for example, in case of a fire. The list is stored for up to one year for security reasons.

Employee information

CIS processes personal information about its employees to manage payroll and employee responsibility. Legal basis is founded in Personal Data Act (personopplysningsloven), section 8, first paragraph, and section 8 a), b) or f) and section 9 a), b) and f). It is the Head of department and Administration Manager, which holds the daily responsibility for this information. The necessary information is recorded for payment of salary, such as personal information, salary level, time registration, tax rate, tax authority and union membership. Other information about employees is related to his / her work instructions and the organisation of his / her work.

The information is obtained from the employees themselves. The information is provided only in connection with salary payments and other statutory requirements. Deletion routines for personal data follow the Accounting Act (regnskapsloven) and the Archive Act (arkivloven). Information about the name, position and work area is considered public information and may be published on the school’s website.

All job applications are recorded in the CIS mailing journal.


Everyone are entitled to basic information about processing of personal data in a company pursuant to section 18, first paragraph, of the Personal Information Act (personopplysningsloven). CIS have provided this information in this declaration and will refer it in case of requests. Those registered in one of CIS’s systems are entitled to access to their own information.


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