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CIS Sarpsborg

Phone: (+47) 400 02 607
Location: Tuneveien 20, 1710 Sarpsborg
Working hours: Mon – Fri : 08.00 – 15:30

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Staff CIS Sarpsborg

Beth Frausini

Principal of Schools

I am originally from Connecticut. I have been working in the field of education for over 20 years. I find joy in creating an enriching environment where students can develop both socially and academically. What I particularly appreciate about the IB programme is its commitment to inclusivity. In my free time I love being outside, swimming, waterskiing, hiking, camping, and winter sports. I am a firm believer in the power of positivity and laughter.

Conor Lee

Head of School

I have a passion for technology and I am excited to see how it contributes to education over the coming years! In my spare time I like to walk my dog and play tennis.

Claire Vreeland

PYP 1 Homeroom Teacher

I love teaching and learning. I am always listening to podcasts or watching documentaries to learn new things. My favourite things to learn about are people around the world and how people lived in the past.

Hannah McWilliam

PYP1 Homeroom Teacher

Food makes me really happy. I always have snacks with me. I also love dancing and all things theatrical! Travelling to new places is great and Norway has so many fun things to see!

Emily Curteis

PYP2A Homeroom Teacher

Teaching is a huge passion of mine, as I enjoy working with different individuals with different personalities. I love being outdoors and participating in a variety of sports; cross fit, trail running, trail biking, snowboarding, skiing and exploring Norwegian nature.

Hilary Cheng

PYP2B Homeroom Teacher

Travelling and teaching are the two things that give me motivation and joy. In my free time, I love looking for different food and cultural experiences to get to know more about the cultures of the world!

Eva Garcia

PYP3a Teacher

I am passionate about teaching, that is why I became a teacher! I like gardening, cooking and baking. I also enjoy travelling and meeting new people.

Camilla Monssen

PYP4a Teacher

I love being a teacher in primary school. I also have a passion for yoga and outdoor activities. I enjoy gardening, hiking, and discussing life experiences in my free time with like-minded people.

Minh Le


I have always had teachers that I have looked up to, who have motivated me, and who have made me like school, and this is exactly what I want to be for my students. In my free time, I enjoy exploring the beautiful Norwegian outdoors. I am also an avid reader, and I often spend evenings with a good book in hand.

Nina Brocka


Patrick Stewart


Lindsey Allan

PYP Coordinator / PYP 3 Teacher

I am originally from States, and started my teaching career in Brooklyn, New York. I love teaching at CIS because of the creative IB programme and getting to work with students who come from different places and speak different languages! In my spare time I love to walk my dog named Pepper in the forest, and I also play violin in a local orchestra.

Aksel Høgenhaug

MYP Norwegian, MYP Design

I love the arts, technology, sailing and travelling. I am currently studying pedagogics, and as I learn more about the IB, I become more and more convinced that this is the way I want to do teaching.

Candy Tollefsen

MYP 4 Homeroom Teacher, MYP Science, Math Support

I love cats, engineering, science, and of course mathematics. I have been knitting the same scarf for 12 years and I have one son, Chalupa Batman.

Katherine Elden

MYP5 homeroom, I&S, English teacher, Inclusion/Social Coordinator

People interest me. I have an active interest in psychology, communication and social interaction. To relax I enjoy film and literature. When I am being active, I can be found walking in nature or at the gym. That said, I am equally content being lazy, huddled in front of a fire or sat looking out at water. The best education is an international one and I love to travel, learning from different cultures across the world.

Eric Todd

MYP2 Homeroom, Individual & Societies, English and PHE teacher

There are very few things in this world as satisfying as biting into a deep-fried corn dog smothered in American yellow mustard at the local county fair as you wonder which ride has the lowest likelihood of falling apart. That being said, working with motivated students is a close second. When I am not eating corn dogs or teaching you can find me mountain biking, BMX, backpacking, snowboarding, and writing bizarre personal biographies.

Juan LLamas

PHE and Spanish teacher

I have a passion for electricity and technology. I like sports, and I am excited to teach and do physical education with the students. In my spare time, I like running, playing football and climbing.

Irena Dimitrova

MYP2 and MYP3 Visual arts, PYP 3b, PYP6 Visual Arts

Blending the colours of teaching and creating, I turn every moment into a masterpiece, where every face is a canvas and every smile is a stroke of inspiration.

Helene Nyborg

Norwegian PYP1a & b and PYP4a &b

I enjoy being a teacher and find it rewarding to see children learn and develop. I like the outdoors such as running and biking, being creative and reading.

Camilla Vogt

MYP3 Homeroom, MYP 3 and 4 Norwegian, MYP 4 and 5 dance

I love dance, music and languages. I love people and being social. In my Camilla-time I like walking, roller-skating and biking. I love my Vespa and go for a ride whenever I can. I have one guinea-pig called: Jan.

Mie Klubbenes Vingerhagen

PYP2 Norwegian and Choir/Dance teacher, Librarian

I have a passion for music and dance, and love being involved in concerts and school productions. I love playing the piano and in addition to working at CIS, I am a piano teacher. Another hobby of mine is books. I especially like organising them, so I really enjoy being the school librarian!

Helina Allman

Spec ped (IOP), PyP 3, 4, 6, MyP 3

Learning is a process that never ends. Being in it with the students will mean the essence of my life. In my spare time I find my happiness in outdoor activities, doing genealogy, writing the whole story of my life and creating some clothes. If you know the meaning of one Finnish word, Sisu – then you know me.

Milicia Kuc

Rodrigo Villagra

Rodrigo Villagra is a very talented double bassist and bassist from Argentina, who now lives in Sarpsborg, Østfold. He currently works as a double bass teacher at Children’s International School in the Old Town-Fredrikstad. He is also a very renowned musician in the jazz community in Østfold, and his education is broad and extends from one of the best performing music education in his native Argentina, to Østfold University College in teacher education with PPU (Practical Pedagogical Education)

Hilde Sponberg Hansen

Cello teacher

I love to play the cello and I really enjoy teaching the students to play the cello as well. In my freetime I enjoy sports, especially running and table tennis.

Øystein Klubbenes Vingerhagen

Violin Teacher

I really enjoy teaching the violin, and love to see how the students develop over the years from their first open-string performance to play advanced orchestra pieces! I’m also part of various projects for youth orchestras outside school that I’d be happy to see students participate in. In my spare time, one of my favourite things is to measure things!


Irene Lundblad

Choir/Music Teacher

I am a singer myself and I love to teach others in music and choir. I teach all the ages from 1 years old till grownups. I love to travel, to play table-tennis and watch a good movie! I have a rabbit called Kokosnøtt and a big aquarium.

Susanne Arnesen

Seong Ming Li

Business Administrator

Aleksas Vaitkevicius


I enjoy a lot of different things, some of my hobbies include gym, video games, music, art in pretty much any shape as well as reading / listening to books usually while I’m on a walk either before anyone is awake or after everyone is asleep. I have a passion for IT and seeing how it shapes the world.

Thea Eliassen


I love spending time with the children/students and watching them develop. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my dog, lifting weights, climbing, and camping.

Angel Bernal Torres




Yaana Glinkina


Anne Kari Rønsen

MYP Coordinator, MYP Norwegian teacher

My three biggest passions are reading, music, and outdoor activities. I love the sea, and I love the mountains! As a teacher, it makes me happy to see students grow and gain confidence in themselves and in what they do.

Jean Faddoul

MYP Math teacher

I have been teaching Mathematics and Economics for over 40 years which is something I really enjoy. My passion is cooking for friends and family.

Alfrida Botnermyr

As a teacher I enjoy seeing the students grow and gain skills and mindsets that can help them through life. My passion is learning and creating. And I love all sorts of sports and physical activities. Most of all I love nature.

Diana Santiago

SFO / Assistant

I love going for walks early in the morning while everyone is sleeping, find a nice spot, preferably with a waterfront view, and watch as the world wakes up. My biggest interests are psychology, technology, music, reading and cats. It’s great to be able to witness how much the students develop throughout the school year.

Roela Kaso Kolasi

SFO / Assistant

I am very passionate about music/singing. Long drives while singing are my go to whenever I want to improve my mood. I love the sea and travelling to new countries as I get to know different cultures. I enjoy learning new languages as well!

Abubakar Masanja

SFO / Assistant

I love being around with kids watching them develop supporting then and give inspiration. Dancing is part of my life I dance a lot I enjoy teaching dance. I’m very active most of time I workout or doing gymnastic/ MushArts. I listen music a lot I have passionate with music like producing and Djing, learning instruments. I love give good energy to people and positive vibe.

Matthew Neat

Ritu King

Sofía González Muñoz